I just got started with the ONL course and this is my first blog post about it. It took me some time to familiarize myself with all the guidelines, and I am sure that I missed some things, but I am also confident that these will be picked up along the way.

I did have overlapping activities at the beginning of the course that prevented me from joining the Getting started sessions and the Connecting webinar on Monday 27 September. Later I would be looking for information about tasks that have to be done to make oneself ready for the course topics and the getting started content probably dealt with all the small questions I had at a later phase.

For me the course started with one of the PBL meetings. My group has the number 03 and we had the first Zoom meeting on 29 September. We would meet each other and quickly realize that there is not much time and there are tasks to be done. One of the first one’s was to create a team presentation and it was decided to make a video with short selfie clips done by each group participant.

In this course I am looking for new methods and tools that I could later use in my own practice. Here is a list of first useful things I found out about during the introductory weeks of the course.

  • Having a central and easy to find planning document is nice.
  • While exploring other presentations I bumped into Google Jamboard which seems to be a good tool for brainstorming.
  • Learning agreement is something that one should have to define specific group collaboration rules.
  • Using the clock method is a good way of making sure that everybody is included in a discussion.

To conclude this post I want to say that you have to walk into the forest to understand what it is. Human mind needs time to absorb new content and this is also the case with ONL course. As for the next steps into the forest I will start to familiarize myself with the material that of Topic 1: Online participation and digital literacies.



Hi, my name is Krisjanis Rijnieks, I come from Riga, Latvia and am currently a part of Aalto Fablab, Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. I made this blog to document my participation in the Open Networked Learning (ONL) course.

I am interested in ONL because I am teaching another globally distributed course known as the Fab Academy. In ONL I expect to find new methods that I could use in my future practice.